The global ocean is our planet’s life support system. Every second breath we take is a gift from the ocean. It has absorbed most of the excess heat and one third of the carbon dioxide we have produced. We rely on the ocean for food, for our weather systems and for the air we breathe. But we have created a crisis in the ocean: overfishing, pollution and climate impacts, including acidification, are damaging ocean life today, and the ocean’s capacity to sustain life in the future.

China is now among the world’s biggest ocean powers: it has the biggest fishing fleet, emits the largest volume of greenhouse gases, produces one third of the world’s ocean plastic pollution, maintains the world’s biggest aquaculture industry, and harvests and consumes more of the world’s seafood than any other nation. China’s coastal waters and ecosystems are severely impacted by its decades of rapid, unbalanced and unsustainable development. How China will change course and how it cares for the marine environment will be critical in determining the fate of the ocean. chinadialogue ocean is dedicated to reporting on, analysing, illuminating and helping to resolve the ocean crisis before it is too late.


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Lizi Hesling is a managing editor with chinadialogue in London focusing on multimedia content. She formerly worked with Greenpeace East Asia in Beijing as their video producer and spent 12 years in China working in news and documentary. She recently completed an MA in Film Editing at Goldsmiths, University of London, and also holds an MA in History from Edinburgh University.
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Senior Marine Advisor to the Prince of Wales’ International Sustainability Unit and the Director of Engagement at Ocean Unite. Most recently he was Director of Global Engagement for the Global Ocean Commission. Prior to this he was Vice President of SeaWeb responsible for its sustainable markets, science and Asia Pacific programmes. Kristian has also been the Director of the International Coral Reef Action Network and led the Marine Programme at UNEP-WCMC. He has degrees from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Cambridge University.
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Founder of the Global Ocean Trust and Research Associate at IASS-Potsdam. He is a Visiting Fellow in the Institute of Global Affairs at the London School of Economics focussing on blue finance and ocean governance. Torsten had a long career in infrastructure finance in the City of London, where he was Head of Telecom Project Finance for Investec Bank plc. He holds degrees from Bonn University, University of Cambridge and the Harvard Kennedy School.
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