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Blue frontiers

Solutions to the crises facing the ocean
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Second chance

Is 2022 the year we reverse the decline in ocean health?
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Ocean-solutions cover

Ocean solutions

The Covid pandemic has made sustainable development more difficult and, as a result, the oceans more vulnerable than ever before. But there is hope in a range of solutions being drawn up or implemented around the world
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Sustainable seafood: China’s role in the global ocean

Findings from a two-year project exploring the impacts of fishing on marine life and artisanal fishers around the world
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Towards a blue ecological civilisation

Some of our best reporting on marine governance, restoration and research
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Ocean biodiversity

Ocean biodiversity: Hidden depths

Our best writing from 2019 on deep seabed mining, marine protected areas and progress towards a high seas treaty
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Marine ranching in China

After years of experiments, China is planning to transform its fishing industry and restore fish stocks with an ambitious expansion of coastal aquaculture
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