Republication policy

Unless otherwise stated, this work falls under the Creative Commons’ Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivs 2.0 England & Wales License and 2.5 China License.

You can republish our content under this license without prior notification providing you display a clear attribution to chinadialogue ocean, provide a clickable link back to the original article on our website, and credit the relevant authors and photographers. We politely request that you delay republication by at least one day after the original publication date.

For example, if you were republishing this article on the future of deep seabed mining, you should include a note reading: “This article by Jessica Aldred originally appeared on chinadialogue ocean and is republished under a Creative Commons license”, or words to the same effect.

As we track our secondary readership as closely as possible, please inform us if you are regularly republishing our content. In return for sharing our work, we would be grateful for data on how many people you estimate our articles are reaching through your site.

If you are a commercial entity or are unsure if you meet the Creative Commons requirements, you can ask us for clarification or special permission at [email protected].

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